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Cancer mortality rate can be halved with early det
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519 Views February 4, 2021

The Cancer mortality rate can be halved with early detection. The success rate of treatments for all forms of cancer is increasing, according to medical experts of Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre here.

Addressing the media on Wednesday ahead of World Cancer Day that falls on February 4, the medical experts said the country could reduce cancer deaths by popularising preventive health check-ups investing in medical infrastructure for comprehensive early detection and treatment.

Head of the Department Oncology Dr.K.S.Kirushnakumar said the major reason for the high mortality rate was a late diagnosis.

Senior Consultant and Head – Medical Oncology Dr.Krishnakumar Rathnam said cancer patterns in India were dominated by tobacco-related head and neck cancers, particularly oral cancer in men and cervical cancer in women.

Senior Consultant and Head – Surgical Oncology Dr.R.Vijayabhaskar said poor nutrition, chronic infection of certain viruses, and overweight were risk factors.

Senior Consultant Radiation Oncology, Dr.P.Ananda Selvakumar said at the early stage patients would require single modality treatment either surgery or radiation therapy.

Source: The Hindu
Date: 04.02.2021



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