Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital in Madurai

Experts on the journey to total recovery.

The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at MMHRC works towards restoring the functioning of the body, reducing the impact of dysfunction, disability and pain which might have been caused through trauma and disease. ‘The Patient Comes First’ is the department’s philosophy. The Physiotherapy department is one of the largest in its class and works across all sub-specialties. It is also equipped with all latest equipments. We have a qualified and highly experienced team of physiotherapists providing OPD services (direct and referral) and IPD services (wards and intensive care units) with treatment procedures conforming to exact international standards.

The core idea at the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is to ensure that rehabilitation is achieved within the shortest period possible, making life near normal for the patient at the earliest. The physiotherapists provide a wide range of therapies after examination, tailored to suit individual needs. The department strives to improve each patient’s mobility and health, and to reduce the risk of injuries.

  • Electrotherapy: SWD / IFT / Ultrasonic / MS stimulator, T.E.N.S., Paraffin wax-bath, Cryotherapy
  • Diagnostic: SD curve / MS testing / ADL assessment
  • Mechanical: Traction – Cervical / Lumbar / Pelvic / CPM for lower extremity, Tiltable, Rowing, Treadmill
  • Exercise therapy: Active / Assisted / Passive / Resisted / Graded resisted exercises, PNF techniques, Suspension therapy, Theraband / Tubes exercises
  • Chest physiotherapy: Assessment of pulmonary functions, Therapeutic functions, Postural, Drainage, Therapeutic, Interventional physiotherapeutic procedures, Nebulization, breathing exercises, Incentive spirometer, Humidification, home care and follow ups
  • Gynae / Obstetric: Antenatal and Postnatal exercises, Postural correction and awareness, Fitness – Assessment and Improvement, etc.
  • Postoperative cardiac surgeries: Pre and post-operative physiotherapeutic exercise for cardiac surgery patients including breathing exercises, chest maneuvers, Humidification, Nebulization, Incentive spirometers, Limb physiotherapy and Cardiac rehab phase I-IV
  • Neurological disorders: Proper positioning of the limbs (Anti synergic patterns), general mobility and strengthening exercises, PNF and Bobath
  • ICU post-surgical care: Chest physio and general mobility exercises, Incentive spirometer exercises, bronchial hygiene, proper positioning of the operative side / part and ambulation
  • Oncology and Palliative care: Physiotherapy in the field of Oncology and Palliative care is a continuously evolving and developing specialty. The aim of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is to maximize independence and dignity and reduce the extent of cancer and other life-limiting illnesses which interfere with an individual’s physical, psychosocial and economic functioning. Physiotherapy focuses on the care and treatment of a wide range of physical problems, which may optimize and enhance the patients’ quality of life

The therapies include:

  • Manual therapy: Stretching, Manual resistance training, Joint mobilization and manipulation, Manual lymphatic drainage (Post lymphedema), Chest physiotherapy, etc.
  • Electrotherapy techniques: Short-wave-diathermy, Ultrasound therapy (1mhz, 3mhz), Pelvic and cervical traction (continuous and intermittent), Interferential therapy, Wax-bath, Electrical muscle stimulator, T.E.N.S, Slim-up, Vacuum therapy, etc.
  • Exercises: Posture training, Muscle strengthening, Cardio-vascular training and stretching.
  • Other services offered by the department include Advice orthosis and prosthesis (post amputation), and offering of information regarding equipment aids (wheelchairs, walking aids), taping and splinting.