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Our Stakeholders

``Ethics and honesty are the building blocks upon which our whole society is based, and business is a part of our society. And it is integral to the practice of being able to conduct business, that you have a set of honest standards. And it's much easier to do business with someone when you look them in the eye and say, This is what we're going to do,and you understand what you each mean, and you can go away and get it done.``- Kerry Stokes

No business can be a success without the concerted efforts of stakeholders.

To realize our vision, we at MMHRC, consider our Suppliers, Referral Doctors, well-wishers and employees as our assets and stakeholders.

We have often asked ourselves the questions ,Who matters to the hospital?  Why do these people matter to the hospital? What we have set out to achieve? The answer is, whatever it has achieved is only due to the contribution of our stakeholders.


  • All successful businesses build strong relationships with their suppliers. Thus, we make an effort to make suppliers clearly understand the vision of our hospital.
  • Suppliers are encouraged to become knowledgeable about our hospital, its processes, our services, our goal and patient satisfaction. This dominates all their supplies to the hospital.
  • Once we engage a supplier in a deal, we maintain a balance of control in the new relationship to ensure the benefits of that deal are duly delivered. Without proper control the value of the deal could be degraded.
  • We carefully evaluate potential suppliers and their backgrounds in order to select the group that will fit the needs of our hospital.
  • After selecting these suppliers, we negotiate contracts with the suppliers and sit down with them for forward planning. These steps are critical to establish and to stabilize the supplier's relationship with the hospital.
  • Above all, we aspire to serve and work together to form strong bonds and towards mutual and financial benefit.
  • At present we are dealing with around 600 suppliers.

Referral Doctors:

Our hospital maintains a cordial relationship with all the doctors in and around Southern Tamilnadu. We offer the best service to the patients referred by these doctors. The patients also feel a sense of satisfaction by visiting our hospital for treatment.

MMHRC maintains constant communication with all the referral doctors by

  • Sending them feedback received by the hospital.
  • Sending 10,000 copies of Meenakshi Medical Journal (MMJ) to doctors every month
  • Periodically arranging CME programmes in all the territories.
  • Conducting Doctors’ Day Celebrations, wherein we honour senior doctors by giving Meriterious Doctors’ Awards and Rural Service Awards.
  • We conduct get-togethers for the doctors’ and their families at Deepavali, New Year and Pongal celebrations.
  • We maintain all the data pertaining to referral doctors through our software.
  • Doctors in South Tamilnadu and doctors from other areas are all aware of the impeccable quality of service offered to their patients at MMHRC.

Well Wishers

  • Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre is a well-reputed hospital in Southern Tamilnadu.
  • We have an excellent tie-up with all our well wishers and their family members.
  • We are aware of the potentiality of our well-wishers who regularly recommend and send their friends and relatives to our hospital.
  • Our well-wishers’ database has a list of over 500, through which we can easily communicate with all our well-wishers.
  • MMHRC often conducts a “Well Wishers Meet” thus building strong bonds with our well-wishers.
  • On account of this close interaction and the warm relationship we share with our well-wishers, most of them consider Meenakshi Mission Hospital as “their” hospital.


  • “Working at MMHRC is a career, not just a job.”
  • At Meenakshi Mission Hospital ,our skilled personnel, who work hard to provide the best possible patient care, is our greatest asset.
  • To support our employees, we are dedicated to creating a friendly, trusting, and respectful work environment.
  • We provide a wide range of tools and resources, including opportunities for teamwork and developmental training.
  • Each position at MMHRC is evaluated based on the level of expertise, aptitude, accountability, and responsibility necessary for the role.
  • We keep finding and keeping the top talent for our medical, paramedical, administrative support, and managerial operations.