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The transplantation of an organ from one body to another is known as the Organ Transplant. The person who gives the organ is called the Donor. The person who receives is called the Recipient. Organ Transplant is done to replace the recipient’s damaged organ with the working organ of the donor so that the recipient could function normally.

Vital organs like heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys and lungs can be donated only if the patient is brain dead. However, other tissues like cornea, heart valves, skin, and bones can be donated in case of natural death. One kidney or a portion of liver can be donated by a living person.

Kidney Transplantation

Heart & Lung Transplantation

Liver Transplantation

Liver damage can occur due to various reasons like alcohol use, viral disease, fatty liver, etc. Once liver function reduces beyond a certain level, the only chance of cure is to remove the damaged liver & replace it with a good liver from another person. A good liver can be obtained from a brain dead organ donor or a portion of liver from a living related person.  The blood vessels of the liver and the bile duct have to be reconnected in the patient. The patient is put on medication to prevent rejection of the new liver. The level of medicines and function of the liver is monitored regularly.

Live Transplant   

A living-donor liver transplant is a surgery in which a portion of the liver from a healthy living person is removed and placed into someone whose liver is no longer working properly. The donor’s remaining liver and the portion implanted into the patient regrows and returns to normal size, volume and capacity within a couple of months after the surgery.

Cadaver Transplant

In this procedure the full liver of a brain dead person is removed & implanted into the patient.  

Cadaver liver transplant programme was started at Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research centre in 2017. Twenty Nine patients received organs donated by brain dead patients in Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research centre. Six patients received livers donated at other hospitals. The allocation of organs to wait listed patients is done by the government agency (Transplant Authority of Tamil Nadu).  Meenakshi Mission Hospital Research Centre plans to start living donor Liver Transplant in the near future.



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