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Please call us at

Tel: +91-452-2581212

Mob: (0) 98421-23232

If the emergency appears life-threatening, please rush to the nearest hospital.
If this is your first visit to our hospital, please visit the Reception area and our service staff will explain procedures and assist you. First, a hospital identity card will be made, which will help us to keep track of your medical records and case history every time you visit us.
Outpatient services are offered between 7.00 am -6.00 pm every day of the week. Cardio thoracic Surgery, Medicine, Diabetology, Cardiology OPDs and Master Health Checkup will start by 7 a.m. and other OPDs will start by 9 a.m. Those who come beyond the stipulated hours will also be accommodated. Emergencies are handled round the clock at Meenakshi mission.
First-time patients pay Rs. 100- Rs. 500 as registration fee depending on the medical specialty treatment needed. This fee covers outpatient treatment for 15 days. The actual cost of treatment varies from case to case and starts from Rs. 250 onwards.
Your attendee is allowed to stay with you during your hospitalization. Only when the patient is in the intensive care unit (ICU), no attendee is allowed to stay with the patient, because of the risk of infection. However, the family/relatives are permitted to visit the patient at particular timings scheduled by the hospital. In case of an emergency, the family/relatives will be allowed to visit at any time.

Visitors' timings in ICU: 3 PM - 4 PM.
At MMHRC certain treatments like cleft lip/palate, Save the Children program, Camila Children Cancer Care, and palliative care are provided free of cost. The hospital may in some cases offer free or discounted treatment for extremely poor patients. Please get in touch with the Patients' Relations Office and meet the Manager in person to explain your case.
We do not offer advance reservation of rooms since we want to ensure every patient coming to MMHRC is able to get a room. However, we will endeavour to find you a room of your choice upon admission.
Tamil, English, Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Bengali are spoken at the hospital. Our staff can also speak several other languages if required.
We are a multi-specialty hospital and are equipped to take care of all your medical needs. We offer simple outpatient consultation to complicated procedures like knee joint replacements, bypass surgery, renal transplants, etc. For more details please visit Clinical Specialities and Ancilliary Specialities.
Please call Reception at +91-452-4263000 / 2543000, either quote the patient’s name or hospital ID. They will assist you to find the patient's status.
When you visit us, please notify the loss to the hospital Reception or Medical Records Department, and they will replace it with a new one, free of cost.
We offer several types of rooms.

  • General Ward
  • Cubicle
  • Deluxe Cubicle
  • Special Room (Non A/c)
  • Special Room (A/c)
  • Deluxe Room
  • A/c Deluxe Room
  • Suite
  • Single Suite
  • Deluxe Suite
If you are in the hospital, please contact the Quality & Innovation Department.

If you are not in the hospital, you can call us at:

91-452-4263000 / 2543000 Extn.:3230, 3273 and request to be connected to the Quality & Innovation Department.

Else, please mail us at (or)
The Discharge Summary will be handed over to you by the Ward Secretary at the time of discharge.
Your medical records are strictly confidential. We will only share your Discharge Summary upon the request of a referring physician. "Discharge Summary" or "Doctor's Certificate" can be issued if it is required for work/school. In exceptional cases, such as legal / medico-legal cases your medical records may be shared at the request of a court of law, after the approval of the Medical Records Manager.
Discharge Summary is handed over to the patient upon discharge. Should you require additional information, please contact the Medical Records Manager or the Marketing referral Team.
You can sign up with our Marketing referral Team and we will ensure your patients receive the best care possible.

Additionally, you will also receive the following benefits:

  • A free copy of the Madurai Medical journal
  • Access to our physicians for consultations about patients.
  • Invitations to CME programmes, outreach conferences conducted by MMHRC
  • To know more about details and benefits, please contact our Senior Marketing Manager - 9842156158
Visa & Master Card are accepted at MMHRC. ATM Cards with a Visa or Master Card logo are also accepted. At present, we do not accept American Express (Amex) and Discover credit cards.
You can issue the cheque, payable to "Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre"
When you arrive at the hospital, please inform our corporate team about the company you work for. We will check the name of the company with our corporate database, based on the type of agreement we have with your employer, we will inform you about the Memorandum of Understanding ( medical & financial procedures)
Please ask your company Manager to contact our Corporate Marketing team. We will work with them to ensure you are able to receive treatment at MMHRC. Alternately please call us with the details of your employer, and we will request your employer to enroll with us. For more information please contact our Corporate Manager.

Tel: +91-452-4263000 / 2543000 extn. 3262 or 3355

Mob: (0) 9842158862

Our Corporate Marketing Team will be able to advise you about reimbursement for treatment rendered.

Please contact:

Tel: +91-452-4263000 / 2543000 extn. 3262 or 3355

Mob: (0) 9842158862
Please feel free to call the Corporate Marketing Team during normal business hours, and they will be happy to assist you in whichever way they can.

Tel: +91-452-4263000 / 2543000 extn. 3262 or 3355 Mob: (0) 9842158862
When you arrive at the hospital, please let us know you have an insurance card and our service staff will help you get your medical treatment from your company so you can receive "cashless" treatment. Occasionally, your insurance may require you to pay us the charges up-front, and you will be reimbursed later. We will advise you accordingly. Please note that your ATM/credit card is not a health insurance card.
If you are travelling by bus, please get off at the Mattuthavani Central Bus Station. The hospital is at walking distance from the bus station.

Take a taxi or auto to reach the hospital from Madurai city.

Flights to Madurai operate from Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, etc. every day of the week. Please check the schedules with your travel agent.

If you are travelling to Madurai from South India, please start your search at

For trains to Madurai from across the country, please start your search at

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