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At MMHRC, we lay great importance to what our patients have to say about us. Our foremost aim is patient satisfaction, and we rely on your valuable feedback to know whether we have met our patient’s expectations or not. Based on the feedback we receive, we analyze and identify areas where there is room for improvement, recognize staff who have walked the extra mile for our patients and worked tirelessly towards complete and absolute patient satisfaction.

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Thayammal 14.12.23

Thank you for saving our life and treating us with care!

Vasantha Revathi 06.12.23

We got admitted after a road accident. On behalf of our entire family, I thank the entire team of multidisciplinary doctors who helped us recover.

Rushdy A. Khalid 04.12.2023

Meenakshi Mission has provided us with quick and efficient service. Everything that was needed was done quickly and the reports were also given fast.

V. Palani Kumar 10.12.2023

Thank you Meenakshi Mission for your timely care and treatment. Nursing care was outstanding. Overall maintanence is so good.

K. Lisanth 15.12.2023

The hospital was clean and hygienic. Thanks for bringing happiness in my child’s life!

Noble 09.12.23

I was a patient at this hospital. The atmosphere over here was very good. The doctors, nurses and every single staff took care of us with smiling faces throughout. Thank you!



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