Regional Blood Transfusion Centre - MMHRC

Want to be a lifesaver? Donate blood.

The MMHRC Blood Bank is a vast department responsible for saving the lives of patients in critical situations. We ensure that every unit of blood leaving the department is safe for our patients.

Our essential functions are donor motivation, blood collection from the appropriate donor, screening of donor blood, processing and preparing blood and blood components, proper storage of blood and blood components, and timely supply of these components to patients.

We follow world-class standards and accepted procedures while testing for compatibility. All our tests are cross-checked and meticulously documented. Equipment used in the Blood Bank are calibrated and maintained regularly, while the reagents used are subjected to frequent quality tests.

  • Fresenius Kabi – Cell separator
  • CLIA-VITROS ECIQ – Analyzer screening machine & Vitros-36000
  • Heavy duty cooling centrifuge for components preparation
  • Blood bank refridgerator
  • De-freezer (-30, -40 and -80)
  • Platelet agitator
  • Laminor airflow
  • Laboratory centrifuge
  • Ortho BioVue – Centrifuge and incubator
  • Water bath and Plasma bath
  • Tube sealer heavy
  • Plasma expressors
  • Blood collection monitor
  • Microscope


  • Creating awareness about voluntary blood donation
  • Motivating blood donors (both voluntary donors and relatives of patients)
  • Implementing the stringent selection criteria for blood donors
  • Collection of blood, processing, storage and transportation of blood and its components in the most appropriate way
  • Issue of blood and blood components
  • Conducting blood donation camps
  • Laboratory procedures including serological techniques (Grouping and Cross matching)
  • Stringent screening of donor blood (for HIV, HBsAg, HCV, VDRL, MP / MF, HBc core, etc.)
  • Issuing safe blood and its components to patients based on their needs (both for in-patients and patients from other hospitals)


  • Hemapheresis (Apheresis)
  • Therapeutic use
  • Coombs test