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Workshop on advanced cardiac procedure held
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448 Views November 21, 2019

Workshop on advanced cardiac procedure held

More than 30 cardiologists from across India are taking part in the two-day programme on cli­nical applications of Opti­cal Coherence Tomograp­hy (OCT) and fractional flow reserve (FFR), two highly-advanced techniqu­es for heart, at the at Mee­nakshi Mission Hospital. Dr Takashi Akasaka, who practices at the Inter­ventional Cardiologist, Wa­kayama Medical Universi­ty — Wakayama, Japan, trai­ned the participants. OCT is an adVanced cardiac ima­ging technique that uses a catheter equipped with in­frared light to acquire 3D color images of the insides of heart blood vessels. Earlier this year, the ho­spital introduced an advan­ced OCT system for cardiac imaging which is fully in­tegrated into its CathLab. Akasaka said OCT is much superior in the diagnosis of coronary heart disease compared to coronary an­gio graphy which takes images only in 2D, making it difficult to assess the se­verity of lesion and plaque burden. OCT also ensures much higher success in co­ronary stenting. Installa­tion of such a system is a bo­on to cardiac patients. Senior cardiologists at the hospital, Dr R Sivaku­mar, Dr N Ganesan, Dr S Selvamani, and Dr M Sam-path Kumar spoke.


Date: 21.11.2019