Meenakshi Mission Hospital launches India's first Teladoc Telemedicine clinic - MMHRC

Meenakshi Mission Hospital launches India’s first Teladoc Telemedicine clinic
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417 Views April 25, 2022

Teladoc telemedicine is considered the world’s most advanced telemedicine platform. Currently this US technology is available only in 6 out of 10 top hospitals in the world. Meenakshi Mission Hospital is the only hospital in India to set up a telemedicine centre based entirely on Teladoc technology. The hospital is setting up exclusive telemedicine centers in select locations across the country, from where patients can connect with its specialists in Madurai. The objective is to reach the benefits of expert care to the unreached population.

Powered by the Internet of Things, Teladoc enables specialists of Meenakshi Mission to provide out-patient consultations; check the vital health parameters of patient’s real time and carry out various clinical examinations. The health records of patients are stored in the system for easy retrieval by the specialists. The technology can also process patient data to help professionals arrive at better clinical decisions. The cameras and display monitors connected to the Teladoc platform make patient-doctor interactions effective.



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