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Double vision rectified by high-tech surgery
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272 Views March 25, 2021

It involved removal of skull base lesion

Using the latest technology, a brain tumour surgery involving the removal of a skull base lesion was performed on a 41-year-old patient’s ‘double vision. The minimally invasive and pinhole surgery was performed with the support of an endoscopic camera inserted through the nose of the patient.

Known as endoscopic transnasal transpterygoid excision the procedure was performed by the team surgeons at Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre here on February 25. Speaking to the reporters on Wednesday, Dr Selvamuthukumaran senior consultant and head, neurosurgery, said it was challenging in very many ways as the tumour was in a difficult -to- operate region. The highly skilled team performed the surgery with precision without damage to the skull. The patient, who was under observation, was free from the eye condition and was doing well.

Senior ENT Surgeon Dr D. R. Nageshwaran said that the patient was diagnosed with double vision for distant objects. The brain MRI showed the presence of a heterogeneously enhancing soft tissue lesion.

The double vision could be due to a range of factors including problems within the eye, muscles or nerves that control eye function and movement, or issues in the brain, he added.

SOURCE: The Hindu

DATE: 25:03:2021



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