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Brain dead student becomes organ donor
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438 Views June 22, 2022

Mr.Sakthikumar, was a 18 years old student and a native of Cumbum, Uthamapalayam,Theni. He met with an accident on 18.06.2022 (Saturday). He was immediately taken to a nearby private hospital for treatment. Then, as advised by the doctors there his family had rushed him to the Meenakshi Mission Hospital in Madurai for further treatment and admitted him.

Necessary tests for brain function were performed as per the recommendation of the Neurosurgeon of the hospital. On completion of tests and examination, doctors confirmed that his brain is permanently inactive/ dead in the late hours of 20.06.2022. Other organs of the body, including the heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver, were functioning well despite the loss of brain function.
The patients with this condition are referred to as “brain dead” by the medical professionals. The medical team explained Sakthikumar’s condition to his family and informed them that by agreeing to donate his beloved son’s body organs, many patients who were fighting for their lives can be saved. His family had come forward generously and agreed for the donation of organs for transplantation to the needy patients.

Meenakshi Mission Hospital authorities requested the government authorities for permission to harvest the organs from the brain-dead patient Mr. Sakthikumar by phone and email and the Tamil Nadu government gave legal authorisation to do the same as an urgent measure, understanding the urgency.

SOURCE: The Hindu

DATE: 22.06.2022



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