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Arrhythmia and Heart Failure Conclave held in Madurai
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566 Views July 11, 2022

The public are less aware of arrhythmia (irregular rhythm of the heart) and heart failure when compared to Coronary Artery Diseases (CAD). The purpose of the conference was to create awareness among practicing physicians and general cardiologists of the latest technologies available for the treatment of arrhythmia and better management of heart failure. Around 300 postgraduate students of medicine, emergency medicine, anaesthesia, cardiology and physicians participated.

The two-day Arrhythmia and Heart Failure Conclave, was organised by the Department of Cardiology, Electrophysiology & Pacing. Thirteen panel discussions were held during the conclave highlighting the reasons for sudden cardiac death and its prevention, electrophysiological study indications, recent advances in treatment of heart failure, basics of pacemakers, etc.

Source: The Hindu

Date: 11.07.2022