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Every life is worth fighting for.

Cancer management at the Department of Medical Oncology and BMT at MMHRC is holistic and highly influenced by the latest developments in the field of cancer research. The department’s approach comprises proper diagnosis, treatment, health education, cancer prevention and cancer rehabilitation. Depending on the disease, patients are treated with different modalities like chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormonal therapy, various forms of targeted-therapy and bone marrow transplantation. All procedures are backed by evidence-based guidelines at par with those in any developed nation. Cancers extensively treated here include:

Hematological cancers

Solid tumors

Bone marrow transplant

Tumor Board:
The Tumor Board is at the heart of the multimodality treatment program. The board comprising multiple specialists discusses the treatment options for every patient so as to provide the best possible outcome. It consists of:

  • 1.Medical oncologist
  • 2.Surgical oncologist
  • 3.Radiation oncologist
  • 4.Pathologist
  • 5.Nuclear medicine specialist

MMHRC’s Medical Oncology department has three types of patients: Outpatient, day care and inpatient. We accommodate various outpatient procedures with safety and aseptic precaution.

  • All chemotherapies are carefully reconstituted in a laminar flow to minimize contamination and maintain aseptic condition
  • Successful bone marrow transplant procedures have been performed in special aseptic hepa filtered rooms
  • Stem cell collection is done with the help of blood bank specialists using advanced apheresis machines


Our day care units have proven to be very convenient and cost-effective for patients. In these chemotherapy units, there are no admission procedures and patients can finish the treatment within a few hours and get back home the same day.


Clinical trials are an important part of strengthening our fight against cancer. These trials are a welcome change to patients who have no known treatment for their disease. At MMHRC, we conduct phase 1 to phase 4 clinical trials, bio equivalence, and bio similar studies. These procedures have helped us gain access to quality drugs to deserving patients. This further contributes to the development of science and research, the need of the day for medical advancement as a whole.


Cancer is a life-threatening disease. Unfortunately, the treatment is also expensive. This can actually prevent many patients from seeking adequate help at the right time. At MMHRC, we provide free treatment to underprivileged patients.

  • We help cancer patients get funds for their treatment from the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund for the Needy, and support from various state and national insurance schemes.
  • We also conduct regular counseling sessions to help cancer patients cope and to motivate them to lead normal lives.

The patients’ families are also educated on cancer, to make them aware of the illness, importance of early detection and treatment.


Dr. Krishnakumar Rathnam

M.D., (Gen.Med) D.M.,(Med. On),

Sr. Consultant & Head


Dr.S.V. Saju

M.D., (Gen.Med) D.M.,(Med. On)