Genetic Medicine - MMHRC

MMHRC offers cutting-edge evaluation, diagnosis, therapy, and counseling.

For a range of genetic illnesses, the Department of Genetics at MMHRC offers cutting-edge evaluation, diagnosis, therapy, and counseling. A multidisciplinary team of doctors and nurses with expertise in genetics, syndrome diagnosis, metabolic illnesses, and birth abnormalities evaluates patients. To give our patients the most comprehensive and coordinated care, our staff works closely with other medical and surgical specialties.

The department works to apply the latest genetics research discoveries to patient care. Patients and families with a range of genetic disorders and birth abnormalities can receive consultation services from the department. Additionally, it provides the urgently required diagnostic services both independently and in association with other laboratories domestically. Genetic counseling about prenatal diagnosis and reproductive possibilities is another component of patient care.

Steps Of Genetic Evaluation, Counseling And Management

  • Giving empathy and support to the unfortunate families
  • Attempt to confirm a Genetic diagnosis – Proper history, Evaluation, Narrowing down to probable and closer clinical diagnosis followed by genetic testing
  • Treatment – Curative/Supportive
  • Anticipatory guidance – The genetic disorder of the syndrome can have various evolving complications related to other organ systems; this can be looked for and managed early.
  • Identifying prevention strategies
  • Risk prediction for next pregnancy or for at risk family member
  • Follow up of the child post-natally
  • Possibility of prenatal diagnosis by chorionic villus sampling or amniocentesis or by pre-implantation genetic diagnosis
  • Postnatal evaluation and if needed to do tests for the newborn
  • Offering reproductive options
  • Offer solutions & support through parental support groups/governmental schemes/Charity organizations

Dr. Pradeep Kumar