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Patient Education

Patient Counseling at Meenakshi mission has been conceived with the aim of offering guidance, information, and support to the patients. The arena of counseling may deal with psychological issues, trauma, dispelling myths and explaining the physical manifestations of the disease. It may also include preparing the patient for a surgery, informing him/her about procedures and addressing a patient’s concerns.

Counseling is a process in which the counselor helps the patient in understanding the causes of the disease. The patient can approach a counselor for explanations, concerns, and reassurance. The counselor also guides and advises the patient towards recovery, through the process of right diagnosis, treatment and medication with an empathetic approach.


The need for counseling

  • To enhance our performance in customer satisfaction
  • To convey our keen interest towards the patient’s convenience, comfort and recovery
  • To understand the customer’s discomfort or concerns better. These concerns can be a financial crisis, hospital ambience and even personal or psychological issues.
  • To follow the recovery graph or treatment of outpatients who don’t need to make regular visits.
  • To satisfy the needs of all our patients.

The scope of counseling

  • It allows follow-up of patients who are not admitted or not willing to get admitted for a variety of reasons.
  • To clear any doubts the patient might have pertaining to the disease or recovery.
  • It helps the patients to understand our interest in ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Counseling helps in giving the patient a transparent and clearer view of the systems employed at the hospital.

Objectives of counseling

  • To introspect and evaluate our own medical services.
  • To prove our empathetic care towards patient needs.
  • To cater to patient satisfaction by adopting a customer-centric approach.

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