Dr. S. Gurushankar | Chairman - Meenakshi Mission Hospital

Chairman & Trustee

Dr. S.Gurushankar

“Trust flowers upon the soil of hard work and the rain of honesty. It blooms quickly. The true challenge lies in keeping it alive!”

As we pass our 30th year, we are proud to say that we have kept up the trust of our patients in every way possible. With over 6 lakh patients treated so far, our relationship with our patients has only strengthened.

We began with the simple, yet profoundly demanding mission of providing ‘world-class healthcare at affordable rates.’ Our team of doctors and medical staff have dedicated their learning, experience and time to this institution and to the patients, who were willing to place their trust in our mission.

Milestones Crossed

We have extended our cardiology and cardio-thoracic wards to accommodate more patients and continue to provide care with a personal touch. We added dedicated services to patients through our septic ward. We have also started performing bone marrow transplantations.

We inducted the Second Linear Accelerator for our Department of Oncology. This not only makes us the first and only healthcare centre in South Tamil Nadu to house two linear accelerators, but also the only centre that is capable of providing comprehensive cancer care to our patients.

In this respect, as with many of our other services, we are on par with the rest of the world. With a combined strength of over 1000 beds, we are technically, logistically and practically positioned to provide quality healthcare to all who seek it. We have always shared a special bond with our patients. Our hospice centre reinforces this connection.

Keys to Success

Personal responsibility, team work, and where necessary, collaboration with professionals beyond the hospital walls have been the three key ingredients to our continual success and growth. In keeping with this, we have collaborated with Direct Relief International (DRI) to launch the Rare Diseases Project, an endeavour that aims at treating patients of LSDSS (Lysosomal Storage Disorders Support Society, India).

Welcome to world-class healthcare!



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