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Teladoc Kiosk

The concept of telehealth was designed to address many problems patients deal with when seeking medical treatment: long waits in the doctor’s office; needing a doctor after hours; not having enough time to make an appointment for an office and living far from a clinic or care facility.

Patients’ lives have become increasingly hectic, and the HealthSpot Station gives them yet another alternative for interacting with a physician — a physical kiosk, in addition to our current phone and secure video options.” This offering will help us move closer to our goal of revolutionising health care by giving people inexpensive, high-quality treatment when, when, and how they want it.” Teladoc’s service can be utilised when a patient is unable to see their doctor in person, such as after hours, but it is not a substitute for their primary care physician. Patients can use the programme to get help with non-emergency medical issues like allergies, bronchitis, pink eye, sinus difficulties, ear infections in adults and children, and other ailments. If medically necessary, doctors can also write short-term prescriptions for non-controlled substances.


The kiosks are staffed by a medical assistant who aids patients throughout their sessions by checking blood pressure and determining whether the patient requires an in-person appointment with a physician. The kiosk is equipped with a variety of innovative electronics and technology. Patient and doctor can communicate using a touchscreen, two-way video monitor, and audio system. A scale, thermometer, otoscope, dermascope, stethoscope, and pulse oximiter are among the medical tools located within the kiosk. These gadgets, when used in conjunction with electronic health records, provide distant doctors with the information they require to treat patients. The patient’s records are updated electronically after the visit is completed.