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Teladoc Health Robot

Telerobotics, or remote-operated robotics, is one of the technologies that have the potential to transform telehealth from a largely diagnostic tool to one that can treat patients remotely, ushering in a new era of care known as tele-treatment. Telerobotic treatment has the potential to drastically reduce the rate of death and morbidity among patients who do not have timely access to care by integrating existing robotic technology with high-speed broadband internet. While this may appear to be science fiction, remote robotic techniques have already advanced significantly.

Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre has deployed 16 mobile Teladoc Health Robots, the first of their type in India. The Teladoc Robot’s main goal is to help doctors enhance their diagnostic abilities and improve access, quality, and efficiency of healthcare delivery for patients regardless of their physical location.

Teladoc telemedicine robots can do basic clinical examinations (such as measuring blood pressure and heart rate) on their own, based on instructions from doctors. They can be utilised to control other advanced diagnostic equipment like CT and MRI scan machines as Iot devices. These robots may gather and interpret data from various diagnostic devices before presenting it to doctors to assist them in making precise clinical judgments. Doctors from different disciplines and from all over the world can collaborate using Teladoc to treat and monitor patients in real time.

These robots have given our doctors at Meenakshi Mission the ability to treat patients anywhere and at any time. Teladoc robots will also be installed in our ambulances. By doing so, the patient can quickly contact emergency and intensive care unit specialists, as well as other specialists from all departments. This means that specialists like neurologists and cardiologists can begin vital treatment even as critically ill patients are on their way to the hospital.

We’re all excited to see how we can leverage this cutting-edge technology to deliver expert diagnoses from Madurai to patients across the country, bringing world-class healthcare to everyone.

To summarise, Meenakshi Mission is pleased to provide the people of Tamilnadu with this cutting-edge technology. Yet again we have proved that we are Always First and Always Best.



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