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Meenakshi Home care

COVID 19 pandemic has been spreading widely across the world. With an increasing number of cases every day, our healthcare infrastructure is facing many problems due to a lack of beds at hospitals.

At this point, we must take into account the fact that not all patients need to be admitted in hospitals. People who are affected by Covid-19 and experience mild illness or remain asymptomatic can take appropriate medical care and recover at home itself.

By this, the patients who are seriously infected with Coronavirus and are in need of hospital care can get the same.

Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre have introduced Home care Services for COVID positive or suspected patients.

Who can avail Meenakshi’s Home care?

  • Asymptomatic Patients
  • Patients with mild symptoms
  • Patients without underlying chronic diseases
  • Pre-Symptomatic/Suspected Patients

Features of Meenakshi’s Home Care

  • Doctor consultation through telephone and video call
  • Daily monitoring of Vitals by trained Nurse
  • Real-time monitoring of temperature, blood pressure and SPO2
  • Real-time monitoring of temperature, blood pressure and SPO2
  • Dietary & Nutritional need assessment and advice
  • Assessment of Physical activity by our expert Physiotherapist
  • 24 x 7 emergency care.
  • Home delivery of medicines
  • Sample collection facility @ home

Meenakshi's Home Care Package

NO. OF DAYS 14 Days 14 Days
Doctor Consultation Once in two Days Once in two Days
Monitoring by trained Nurse Daily Once Daily Once
Motivational Activity Program Weekly Once Weekly Once
Dietary Advice Weekly Once Weekly Once
Psychological Advice Weekly Twice Weekly Twice
24 X 7 Corona Help Line Yes Yes
Remote Patient Monitoring System Yes Yes
Digital Thermometer Yes Yes
N 95 mask Yes (7 Nos) Yes (14 Nos)
3 Ply mask Yes (15 Nos) Yes (20 Nos)
Examination Gloves Yes (5 Pairs) Yes (10 Pairs)
Digital Pulse Oxymeter Digital Bluetooth Enabled
BP machine Digital Bluetooth Enabled
Sanitizer Yes (50ml) Yes (150ml)
Waste Disposal Bag (14 Nos) Yes Yes
PACKAGE RATE 15000 21000


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