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Invisible Aligners for Teeth:
234 Views September 13, 2023

MEENAKSHI MISSION HOSPITAL WORKS TO PROVIDE YOU WITH VARIOUS TEETH ALIGNMENT TECHNIQUES RANGING FROM CONVENTIONAL METAL BRACES TO TOOTH COLOURED BRACES.THE NEW TREND TODAY IS THE INVISIBLE ALIGNERS.They use gentle and constant force to move the teeth in the required position without going through the hassles of metal wires and brackets. They are custom made for each patient through a digital scan.


It uses highly advanced software to produce a 3D simulation of your treatment. This gives you an excellent example of how your teeth are going to shift. In fact, your doctor will show you the movements of your teeth, in an animated movie or presentation. So, your orthodontic treatment with CAD CAM aligners is predictable and presents your nearest results that is expected.


  • The nearly invisible aligner trays offers you the most comfortable treatment and a normal day -to-day life .You don’t want to compromise your daily routine.
  • Guess what, we know how your teeth are going to move!your doctor will show you the movements of your teeth, in an animated movie or presentation.
  • The material is flexible, produced to stop just under your gums. The only times when you will have to remove them are during brushing and eating.
  • Clean Fresh Flexible. For brushing or eating, you may take them out. This way, you can keep your oral hygiene in perfect condition.


  • Retain your smile with Retainer – Just because you have got your teeth straightened does not necessarily mean that it will stay straight throughout. Your Orthodontist might advise retainers which will prevent your teeth to shift back to their
  • previous location.
  • Take care of your food habits – It may so happen that your teeth are sensitive after the treatment, therefore, it is advised to not consume, too crunchy food for a few days. Let your smile rest before going back to the crunchy munchy snacks.
  • Do not forget to brush – Keep up your habit of brushing twice a day and flossing in order to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Not taking good care of your oral hygiene
  • will let the treatment go in vain.
  • Visit your dentist – Because you are done with your treatment and have got that perfect smile you always desired for does not mean that you need not visit the dentist ever. Always visit a dentist after every 6 months to ensure that this smile remains intact.

In MEENAKSHI MISSION HOSPITAL,we use premium materials and innovative technology, providing the smile you have always wanted for.We are expertized in clear aligners,which moves your teeth towards a new position and it is guranteed for life when you continue to care for your teeth…IN FEW MONTHS YOU WILL HAVE A SMILE



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