Promotional Initiatives

Today’s competitive scenario in the health care industry demands that the marketing division of any hospital ensures a steady and increasing flow of patients. However, at Meenakshi Mission, the marketing team, under the able guidance of our Founder Chairman Dr. N. Sethuraman, has always been working towards not only increasing the number of patients but to also impart knowledge about the preventive, corrective and palliative ways of treating diseases. This is what differentiates MMHRC from many other hospitals.

After 30 years of extensive involvement, the marketing team has become an integral part of the daily activities of our hospital. The department ensures that their message not only reaches the urban but also the rural population. The team, the largest in Tamilnadu, has always made sure that their goals are in line with the organization’s goals.

Referral Doctors:

  • This team comprises 15 executives who travel across the state to constantly impart knowledge about the facilities available in the hospital.
  • The team ensures that it walks the extra mile in making sure that the best doctors are affiliated to the hospital.
  • Our Continuous Medical Education (CME) programs and specialized conferences are organized to provide a healthy platform for medical professionals, to help them stay abreast of the fast-changing medical field.
  • Every doctor who makes a valuable contribution towards our mantra ‘world-class medical care within everybody's reach’ is suitably honored by our hospital.

Corporate Division:

  • The corporate team works towards providing specialized care to employees of various corporate organizations, who have their own employee benefit programs, through formal agreements
  • The team works amicably with these organizations to provide medical facilities at negotiable rates and also towards creating an opportunity for cashless medical treatment
  • Our hospital has been approved by all major corporate and government organizations in and around Madurai.
  • We have recently signed agreements with the Sethu Samudram Corporation Ltd., Nuclear Fuel Complex at Pazhayakayal, Tuticorin and the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd., Koodankulam
  • We also hope to foster alliances with the Airport Authority of India in the near future

Insurance & TPA Division:

Medical Insurance is a sector which has registered an exponential growth in India, of late. It has become a savior to the common man, catering to needs for medical treatment and assistance. We have a tie-up with over 30 insurance companies and Third Party Administrators (TPAs). Together we hope to provide hassle-free and cashless medical treatment to all. The team has recently tied-up with Star Insurance, which caters to government employees.

Camp Division:

  • In today’s scenario medical camps have become an extended marketing tool to bring in patients. But in our hospital, camps are organized in line with the department’s goal of imparting knowledge about the preventive, corrective and palliative ways of treating diseases.
  • Our camp team identifies rural areas, where the awareness ratio is extremely low and holds camps to create awareness of various diseases, their symptoms and the immediate care required.
  • All participants of the camps are eligible to avail a special concession of 10% on future check-ups
  • The team has successfully conducted about 400 camps in one year. These include general camps, eye camps, specialty camps, blood donation camps, first-aid camps, cleft camps and camps for students and pensioners.
  • The team has also held several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) camps at Ramco Group, Rajapalayam, and EID-Parry Sugars, Pugalur.

Special Concession Division:

  • As a mark of respect and to honor their selfless service to society, we provide a 10% special concession to teachers, defense and police personnel
  • This concession is valid for all hospital charges except food, medicines, consumables & packages
  • This special concession is further extended to include students and pensioners

Across the Borders Marketing Division:

  • With ever-increasing insurance premiums and long waiting periods for consultation, it has become exceedingly tedious for patients in the west to undergo surgeries in their own country.
  • Medical tourism provides relief to such international patients, for they are assured of quality treatment at an affordable cost in India, and especially at our hospital.
  • MMHRC has been catering to international patients from the US, UK, Maldives, Sri Lanka, and other Asian countries
  • In order to cater to the special needs of international patients, we are soon launching a dedicated luxury wing; this wing will be equipped with all modern amenities to make the patients/visitors comfortable and at home
  • We also operate authorized Information Centers in West Bengal to offer information and access to world-class health care to the patients from North East India.

Health Check-up Division:

  • We have evolved some of the industry's most comprehensive health check-up programs.
  • The team continuously organizes programs targeting various groups from the community, to reinforce the need for an annual health check-up
  • As a result of the initiatives of this team, several organizations like the TVS group of Companies (Madurai), Dupont, BSNL, Bajaj Allianz and several banks, have agreed to ensure that their employees undergo annual health check-ups
  • Since this section is burgeoning, a new air-conditioned hall has been recently inaugurated for this facility , to provide a better ambience, comfort, and convenience to customers.

Advertising & Media Division:

  • This division is not only involved in publicizing the special events of the hospital but also works with the specialists to write articles on several medical issues.
  • The team is also responsible for handling the advertising needs of the hospital.
  • This division undertakes several campaigns, commemorating the international health days/events, also ensuring the involvement and participation of the public in such events.

Public Relations Division:

  • The Public Relations Division is responsible for handling all jobs that involve any external agency, both government and private, and ensures its successful completion
  • The team handles jobs like licensing, renewals, approvals and also coordination with government offices.

Prime Minister / Chief Minister Relief Fund:

  • From time to time, the Government of India and the Government of Tamilnadu have been announcing programs which directly benefit the common man.
  • MMHRC has always supported all medical programs announced by the government, such as Prime Minister’s Relief Fund for renal transplantation, cancer and heart ailments, Tamilnadu State Illness Society, National Blindness Control Program, Tamilnadu Health Fund Scheme for all major diseases and surgeries for pensioners.

New Alliances:

  • Star Health Insurance introduced by the government for lower income groups.
  • New Employee Service Insurance Company (ESIC) scheme signed with a revised rate structure.