Quality & Innovation

Quality is the result of collective effort and total commitment. We believe in bench marking ourselves in enhancing customer satisfaction by meeting customer needs and regulatory requirements. We focus on constant quality improvement and implementing innovative ideas in every one of the services we offer.

We also offer  latest innovations in key areas of medical specialties and super-specialties, keeping up with international standards. Our aim is to offer quality clinical services and care in a well-managed, efficient, flawless and safe facility. To achieve this, we have implemented many programs like patient feedback analysis, rounds in patient care areas, suggestions from the staff, etc.

Our programs:

  • We give the utmost importance to each and every suggestion from patients since we realize that their satisfaction is our ultimate goal.
  • The Department of Quality and Innovation analyzes customer feedback data in order to understand thoroughly how care is being delivered.
  • We collect feedback forms from inpatients and outpatients, to ensure quality at all levels.
  • We also analyze feedback and interpret the levels of customer satisfaction, and work towards solving customer complaints amicably.
  • Immediate actions are taken to rectify complaint issues, and an abstract is sent to all the concerned departments for them to take preventive and corrective actions.
  • The appreciative comments received from the patients are posted on our ‘Thank You Wall’. These positive comments motivate our staff to do even better.

‘Spark’ Suggestion Scheme:

  • We give importance not only to suggestions from our patients but also to suggestions from our staff.
  • ‘Spark’ Suggestion Scheme is our way of motivating and encouraging in-patients to give suggestions for continuous quality improvement.
  • The ‘Spark’ scheme is successful on account of the regular meetings conducted and the feedback is delivered to staff.
  • Employees who have contributed the maximum number of suggestions are honored on 'Kaizen day' as ‘Spark Masters’.

Quality Circle:

  • At Meenakshi mission, we act as a facilitator in bringing quality control through ‘Quality Circles’.
  • We have 12 Quality Circles from various departments of the hospital.
  • These Quality Circles conduct in-depth and systematic studies of problems identified by staff.
  • Nearly 120 Quality teams have participated in the competition and the Bright-Laundry QC won the Overall Best Team Award.
  • 9 Quality Circle teams (Rose-Nursing, Gem-A/c Plant, Minnoli-Electrical, Red Rose-Nursing, Pharmacon-Pharmacy, Kubera-Billing, Pinnacle-Biomedical SigmaLaboratory, and Bright-Laundry) participated in the 19thChapter Convention at Ooty in September 2009 and received awards.